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Speaking Done Better Mastermind Classes

Let's get YOUR Professional Speaking Career started


This class will outline everything you will need to know about getting started in the Professional Speaking Industry.  From how to take your headshots, to how to pinpoint your topic, to how to apply for PAID speaking events!

Your Instructor – JEREMY TOIRSK

Professional Speaker, Business Coach

I personally took this course in AUGUST of 2021 and I was HIRED TO SPEAK for the Florida Realtors Association Convention by DECEMBER 2021!

I have spoken in California, North Carolina, Texas, and even in CANCUN MEXICO! 

 I even became the PRESIDENT of the FLORIDA SPEAKERS ASSOCIATION in JUNE of 2022!

My goal is to guide you from the audience to the Podium!
There is only ONE WAY to do that... I get down into the crown with you, clearing a path week by week by introducing the process that will take you from SEAT TO STAGE. We will take you through SIX comprehensive modules that cover everything you need to know.

Chapter 1 will show you where to start and how to lay the foundation for your speaking career.

Chapter 2 will help you develop your program so that you have a clear and compelling message, learn what organizers need to hire you, and identify practice opportunities to fine tune your speech and design your presentation.

Chapter 3 will teach you how to find speaking opportunities that align with your brand and message and how they will find you, how to get referrals and craft outreach to organizers, and how to build your contact list to stay in touch.

Chapter 4 will teach you how to monetize your speech, how to set your fee and provide options, identify an organization's budget and, understand proposals, contracts and invoices.

Chapter 5 will show you how to apply consistent systems to earn consistent engagements and create a sustainable speaking business, find a speaking mentor, and how to give and receive referrals.

The BONUS MODULE will teach you PRESENTATION SKILLS! Whether you are on stage, in front of a boardroom, or making video content for your social media, it is all about those PRESENTATION SKILLS!

Imagine yourself ON STAGE sharing your UNIQUE STORIES, solving PROBLEMS, and INSPIRING an audience to go out and change their LIVES!

THAT IS EXACTLY what we have the POWER to do as Professional Speakers! 

You will have the opportunity to collaborate with a group of like-minded individuals who are all focused on achieving their goals as professional speakers.  You will build deep and powerful relationships, make new friends in the industry, gain mentors, and hear from EXPERTS  who will help guide you towards SUCCESS!

Here, you will get fresh, new ideas and visions for overcoming your biggest challenges and frustrations.  

Receive real-time and honest feedback, support, and inspiration to help you achieve greater confidence, new perspective, critical insights, and more.

Let your imagination persuade you to MAKE THE LEAP and be a part of this wonderful and exclusive speaking community!


There is a very critical factor to the success of any individual; STRONG SUPPORT!  The journey will always be longer to navigate the path to success alone. There is a saying – “If you want to go FAST – go alone, but if you want to go FAR, GET A TRIBE”. 

To TRULY make an IMPACT and get your voice HEARD, you need the support of a STRONG, LIKEMINDED COMMUNITY. When you surround yourself with a group of individuals who share your passion, vision, and drive, you can achieve things that you never thought possible.

Having a group of people committed to helping you succeed is especially important in the speaking industry.  This is one of the main ideas of this mastermind.  To create an atmosphere of individuals who came together to collaborate, learn, and provide support and accountability to each other through this shared experience.

One of the key benefits of the “Paid to Speak in Six Weeks” mastermind group is the opportunity to network and build relationships with other speakers.  This can lead to referrals and collaborations, as well as the chance to learn from other speaker’s successes and failures!