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Build Your Brand ~ Build Your Following ~ Build Your Business

Torisk Pro Studio is a full-service production studio providing top-quality video and audio recording services.

We can handle your pre and post producing and distribution needs as well as provide you with consulting, creative, distribution, and marketing services.


At Torisk Pro Studio, you can create a PRIVATE PODCAST to convey your company goals, your values, your principles, your vision, or any upcoming changes and even have an interview series to allow your front-line employees to MEET THE C_SUITE so they can be more in-touch with the division leaders.

And deliver it in a way that your employees are use to receiving information these days - IN A PODCAST!

Torisk Pro Studio has the experience and industry expertise to help you grow and monetize your content! All shows can be distributed via Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Picked Cherries, Spotify, Stitcher, YouTube, Audible, and all other global and local podcast platforms

Distribution Everywhere

Programs Customized for You

Our programs are tailored to address any of your individual goals. See a sampling below, and contact us to gain further insights into what you need to get started.